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CityGuildsEnergyEfficiencyWith the high cost of gas and electricity bills, we are all trying to cut down and save money where we can. But do we really know where our gas and electricity is really going?

It is important to understand where energy is wasted in our homes, from the insulation in the loft and cracks around doors and windows to leaving lights on and storing unnecessary amounts of hot water. 

Once you have made your best efforts to stop heat and energy escaping from your house, we can help you save even more money by using intelligent heating and hot water solutions to suit your home and families needs.

Just changing your boiler from a standard efficiency to an 'A rated' modulating boiler can save you hundreds of pounds over its lifetime!

Removing your tanks from the loft and airing cupboard and installing new Combination boiler together with intelligent time and temperature controls can save you as much as 30% on your central heating and hot water bills. Combined with this you have mains pressure instant hot water, no risk of frozen or leaking pipes in the loft, no unnecessary stored hot water and more storage room in your home!

Some boilers feature modulating central heating pumps internally which can save up to £30 a year alone.

Thermostatic Radiator Valvs (TRV's) monitor and maintain the room temperature by controlling the flow of hot water to that radiator from the boiler. This means that the boiler will concentrate on heating only the ares that need it, dramatically reducing you energy bills.

Weather compensating controls can be installed to your property which monitor the internal and external temperature at all times. This ensures that a constant temperature is achieved throughout the property all year round. A receiver is typically placed on a north facing wall and is linked to a thermostat in the property. As the external temperature decreases, the internal temperature will increase to compensate for the change and vice versa. This ensures that a constant temperature is achieved internal at all times and is particularly affective in very cold weather. 

All of these options are available to you right now from Cotswold Combustion. We want to help you increase you're energy efficiency and save money on rising utility costs!

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