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Honeywell Controller

Day in day out we rely on our boilers and central heating systems to heat out homes and hot water. To operate effectively it is important that our radiators and system pipe work are free of sludge and debris. You could be wasting as much as £65 a year in energy bills heating this debris, preventing the full surface area of your radiators from getting to temperature. 

It is particularly important to clean and flush old or existing systems where a new boiler is installed and radiators are left in place. We like to use the example of putting a new engine  in a 30 year old car-you just wouldn't do it!

We can perform a hot chemical flush on your central heating system and fit up to date magnetic filters combined with energy saving chemicals to protect your boiler at a fraction of the price of our larger competitors. Even if we didn't install the boiler, we can get your central heating working to its maximum potential and protect your boiler for the future. 

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